Weddings at St James

If you are looking at this page with view to getting married at St James, congratulations on your engagement! St James Church has been used for several hundred years for Christian marriage, and is a wonderful place to hold a ceremony.

Couple standing outside St James Church holding hands

Photos: Dorset wedding photographer Paul Underhill

Legal eligibility

There is a legal system governing Church marriage which we have to adhere to closely. Basically, you can get married at St James if you currently live in the parish (i.e. at least one of you lives in the parish), or if you have a ‘qualifying connection’ to the parish. You have a qualifying connection to the parish if:

Many people choose to worship in the parish in order to get married at St James. If you would like to do this, we ask that you come along to a service to try us out before booking your wedding. ‘Regular worship’ for this purpose means a minimum of once a month (for a period of at least 6 months).

Couple walking down the aisle at St James

Marriage after divorce

This is at the discretion of the Rector. Please arrange to see her before booking your wedding.

Booking your wedding

Please phone the Church Office (01202 677 117) to arrange a time to come in and book your wedding. When you come in, our administrator will spend time going through the details with you (including banns of marriage and up-to-date fees).

Planning your Wedding Service

Our Rector (Lucy Holt) will spend time with you both prior to the wedding service to make sure that it is personal to you.

Marriage preparation

We offer a day once a year for all our wedding couples to come and think about marriage beyond the wedding service, and what it means to be married.

Just outside St James Church - couple being sprinkled with confetti by friends and family

Group photo of wedding couple and groomsmen, men throwing their top hats in the air